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AML 360° refresher training

Big picture money laundering training

VinciWorks has released AML 360° — the perfect AML refresher course for users that claim to know it all. Instead of rehashing the legislation and CDD procedures, the course goes beyond the basics by engaging learners with the hot topics of the day. The interactivity and rapid pace of the course creates an immersive experience in which users take an active role in the material rather than passively consuming information.

AML 360° is geared towards staff who have already undertaken money laundering training and understand the subject matter. It delves into more detail and explores emerging areas such as cryptocurrency and the Fifth Money Laundering Directive.

The course covers eight subjects in less than 20 minutes

Demo the course

Topics covered by the AML 360° refresher course:

  • Cryptocurrency and the blockchain: What’s the AML risk?
  • How do criminals abuse law firms?
  • EU Fifth Directive: What's new?
  • Red flags of money laundering
  • CDD: When to do it and what to do
  • Hollywood explains money laundering
  • Is your practice area at risk?
  • Source of wealth and source of funds

Additional topics available:

  • Is it money laundering?
  • After the Paris attacks: Tackling terror financing
  • Glossary of important terms
  • Custom module[s] for internal procedures
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Exercises that actually test knowledge

The test section delivers questions selected randomly from a question bank. Users who fail the test must answer a fresh set of questions.

E-learning that isn't boring

The interactive, non-linear format of the course and its rapid pace creates an immersive and engaging experience. Users choose their own learning path and take an active role in the material.

AML course photo 1
AML 'bespoke' course photo 3

Bespoke training off-the-shelf

No two firms are alike, and no two AML courses should be the same. With AML 360°, firms can add as much custom content as necessary, swap around the topics and even write their own test questions.

How to customise

Firms can choose to tailor the experience with an unprecedented number of customisation options:

  • Swap any default topic for one of the optional topics
  • Write multiple topics with custom information (additional charge for more than one custom page)
  • Exclude irrelevant test questions from the question bank
  • Write custom test questions (additional charge)

If you would like to review the content and customise the course, download the customisation form. If you have any questions about your customisation options, contact us at training@vinciworks.com.