VinciWorks is giving away the Emergency Response package for all existing HE/FE clients

It’s a difficult time for universities and colleges. Campuses around the world have found themselves turned into the centre of wildcat protests. International instability has thrust growing numbers of higher and further education institutions into crisis mode as administrators worry about the futures of their students and institutions. 

Given recent events on campuses around the world, universities and colleges should be preparing emergency response plans. To support the higher and further education sector, VinciWorks are offering a free upgrade to our Emergency Response package for all HE/FE clients. 

But we know existing compliance challenges haven’t faded. From dealing with the risk of data breaches, hacks, plagiarism, AI and sexual harassment, administrators are facing one of the most challenging times for higher and further education institutions in decades.

Meanwhile, the regulatory pressure on the higher and further education sector is only increasing. With a change of government on the horizon, the HE/FE sector faces a raft of changes from bribery investigations, AI regulation, and even a possible expansion of the Money Laundering Regulations to cover universities and colleges. 

A compliance failure can leave your institution’s reputation with students, government and the media at serious risk. Without robust policies and procedures to face future threats, a single incident could escalate into a serious crisis.

That’s why VinciWorks has developed a package of elearning courses specifically designed for higher and further education institutions. From information security and data protection to preventing extremism and safeguarding students, our higher and further education package contains fully customisable courses for any institution. 

HE/FE clients can upgrade for free to our emergency response package which contains a range of scenario driven training and real-world videos covering issues such as Evacuation Safety, Civil Unrest, Bomb Threats, Active Shooter and First Aid Essentials. A vital compliance training suite for any educational institution today. 

Training staff and students on what to do in an emergency has never been more important for education institutions. With VinciWorks in-browser editing, you can change any word in any course in seconds to your specific institutional requirements. This is a game-changer when dealing with things like safe evacuation points across multiple locations and lockdown procedures should events escalate.

Speak to VinciWorks today about preparing your university or college for the unexpected with our HE/FE suite, or upgrading your package for free today.

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