Carrying out a data audit

As GDPR was coming into force in May 2018, businesses that were serious about compliance carried out a data audit. The process involves taking the time to think about and document what personal data your business holds and how it is used. While the data protection officer (DPO) often leads the audit, many key departments, such as IT, marketing and HR should be involved in the process. These audits should not be a one-off occurrence and businesses should carry one out regularly, particularly if there have been any changes in how the business processes data.

VinciWorks has built a best-practice reporting solution that allows businesses to carry out organisation-wide data audits, track responses and easily manage data processing and controlling concerns.

Software features


Administrators can either build forms themselves or use our best-practice customisable built-in forms. High risk submissions are then automatically flagged.


Track who has completed the form and easily identify any risks. Email reminders can be automatically sent to those who do not complete the form.

Review and resolve

Review flagged entries via the dashboard and take appropriate action.

Manage reports

Charts can be created in seconds to give administrators a full understanding of incoming responses.

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