VinciWorks to release a new ESG course

ESG online training screenshot

Global businesses are no longer working on environmental, social and governance issues in a silo. They are bringing them together under the banner of ESG to demonstrate the positive impact the business is having on the world. 

By combining issues like carbon emissions, progressive hiring practices and strong compliance, businesses can show not only are they a sound investment, but they have a net positive impact on the world. 

VinciWorks will soon be releasing a new course covering a wide range of topics on the subject of ESG.

It is vital for staff to be aware of what ESG is and what it means. It is important in order to be able to relate to customers, the supply chain, as well as contribute to the business’ own strategic ESG priorities. 

Topics covered

  • What is ESG?
  • Why does ESG matter?
  • Our responsibility and our reputation
  • Our responsibility to customers
  • Your role to play
  • ESG and the supply chain
  • Ethical procurement 
  • ESG and business case studies
  • ESG in the news
  • Facts and fiction about ESG
  • ESG regulations
  • Test questions

Course features

  • Smooth, user-friendly scroll design
  • Customisable training on a wide variety of topics with the option to include or remove topics for different audiences
  • Interactive learning built in throughout the course, with the ability for the administrators to track responses in order to gain insights into users’ grasp of the topics
  • Eye-catching design and an easy to use experience

To learn more about the course or to get updated when it is release, complete the short form below.