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ESG rating agencies and reporting frameworks use training as a measure of ESG effectiveness. But there is no one-size-fits-all training solution. A core part of any ESG initiative is employee training.

Our new course, ESG: The Basics, is the ultimate introduction to ESG that covers the core concepts of ESG and speaks to employees’ moral responsibilities and their organisation’s commitments. Over the coming weeks we will also be releasing a Fundamentals course that goes into further depth on areas such as the supply chain, ratings, your company’s ESG policy and more.

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Why is ESG training important?

ESG training

ESG was originally spurred by institutional investors but has grown into something of an industry itself. ESG is set to play an increasing role in why investors, stakeholders and even potential employees choose to associate themselves with a company. Our training provides a singular measure of how well a company is able to respond to ESG-related challenges, from regulatory faults and fines to environmental disasters and social disruption.

Course features

  • Smooth, user-friendly scroll design
  • Customisable training on a wide variety of topics with the option to include or remove topics for different audiences
  • Interactive learning built in throughout the course, with the ability for the administrators to track responses in order to gain insights into users’ grasp of the topics
  • Eye-catching design and an easy to use experience