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Unexpectedly, and despite comments to the contrary, the UK has decided to implement its own MDR regime. Until this happens, DAC6 still applies in the UK for Hallmark D. Considering that the UK has been a leader in the fight against corruption and tax evasion, its version of MDR will possibly be broader and even more stringent.

It was an honour to host James Marshall of HMRC to discuss the UK’s changes to DAC6 post Brexit.

The webinar covered:

  • What changed with DAC6 in the UK?
  • How do these changes affect DAC6 reporting?
  • How will Omnitrack adapt to these changes?
  • What are the UK’s longer-term plans for MDR?
  • Answering attendee questions

A recording of the webinar is available as a podcast. You can listen to it in Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. or directly by clicking on the button below.

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How is VinciWorks preparing for the UK’s mandatory disclosure regime?

VinciWorks will continue to work with HMRC to understand the full extent of these changes and we will send email updates on DAC6 and the new UK MDR. We have now started work updating our DAC6 reporting solution to reflect the changes and the UK workflow.

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