Screenshot of our interactive market abuse training

It is fairly easy for firms involved in the financial markets to get caught up in illegal market abuse practices without even realising it. The temptation is great for staff members to trade on insider information or exploit the firm’s resources to try to manipulate the market. In many cases, the lines between what is acceptable and not are grey and unclear. 

VinciWorks’ new course Fraud & Market Abuse – Fundamental concepts trains staff on the concepts and rules of market abuse and fraud. It focuses on the Market Abuse Regulation 2016 (MAR), a European directive that establishes a common regulatory framework on insider dealing, market manipulation and measures to prevent market abuse across the EU. This course goes through the different types of permitted and forbidden behaviours to clarify what can and can’t be done, and under what circumstances. 

Course features:

  • Customisable training with the option to include or remove topics for different audiences
  • Interactive learning built-in throughout the course, with the ability for the administrators to track responses in order to gain insights into users’ grasp of the topics
  • Includes essential definitions and concepts as well as an overview of relevant laws and regulations
  • Includes review questions
  • Eye-catching design and an easy-to-use experience
  • Smooth, user-friendly scroll design

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand UK market abuse laws and regulations
  • Gain familiarity with the dangers of insider information
  • Clarify important concepts regarding the working of financial markets
  • Recognise red flags and reporting procedures
  • Identify illegal or risky market procedures

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