Submission reference IDs in the audit trail

The audit trail for submissions now displays the reference ID as a column in the grid. Users can now sort, filter, and search for a particular ID in order to view the full history on any submission.

Audit trail filtered by reference ID to view a specific submission

Ability to filter by a date range

All date columns in tables now have the option to filter for a date range. For example, if you have a field called ‘Due date’ in your submissions table you can now filter the submissions where the due date falls into a specific range. Simply click the filter icon next to a date column >> select ‘between’ from the dropdown >> input two dates.

Filtering by a date range in the submissions page

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some submissions were still visible to form admins who were restricted to a specific status and shouldn’t have access.
  • Fixed an issue with scoring calculations in form builder where changing a dropdown value caused an inaccurate result.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted from admins still appeared in the form admins list.