New micro course – protect your organisation from the next ransomware attack

2017 saw a rise in the number and scope of ransomware attacks, with the highest profile attack, WannaCry, affecting over 230,000 organisations worldwide and causing the NHS to cancel appointments and operations. VinciWorks’ new interactive micro course on ransomware helps users understand exactly what ransomware is and how to avoid being the next victim of such an attack. Ransomware is part of VinciWorks’ cyber security suite that has recently been updated to include six new interactive apps and Phishing Challenge 2.0.

The course covers:

  • Understanding what ransomware is and the dangers such attacks present
  • Key definitions related to ransomware, such as “phishing”, “spear phishing”, “malware” and “Bitcoin”
  • 2017 ransomware attacks and how they happened
  • Visual examples of how attacks happen
  • Guidance on how to avoid being the target of ransomware attacks
  • What to do in case of an attack
  • Assessment to review what has been learnt

Demo ransomware micro course