New course release – Conflicts of Interest Knowledge Check

A quick news search will reveal how prevalent and widespread conflicts of interest in the workplace are, affecting every industry and not sparing any corner of the globe. Sometimes, conflicts may be minor and prove to be innocuous, but often, conflicts pose a serious threat that could seriously undermine an organisation’s reputation and future, and even have legal implications. VinciWorks has released a short knowledge check as part of its new course “Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace” to help organizations test their staff’s knowledge of conflicts of interest in the workplace, including how to spot conflicts of interest and helping staff understand the influence of their actions. Knowledge checks include a review of terms and concepts as well as scenario questions to help employees understand which course of action to take in different situations. We recommend knowledge checks be used alongside the new full-length Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace compliance course.

The knowledge check covers several aspects of conflicts of interest, relevant to various different industries, that the course trains on, to ensure users have a good understanding of how to keep them and their businesses safe and avoid becoming involved in conflicts of interest.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Various types and categories of conflicts of interest and how to spot and avoid them
  • Understanding key terms and concepts
  • Scenario questions to test your ability to correctly handle certain situations
  • Conflicts of interest dos and don’ts

VinciWorks’ Knowledge Check series

VinciWorks’ knowledge checks allow businesses to verify and assess your staff’s knowledge of key compliance areas. We are always adding new knowledge checks and we even have an option for businesses to create their own.