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Masterclass — Introduction to new risk identification methods

On Wednesday 17 October, VinciWorks will be launching its risk identification masterclass. The interactive session is geared towards helping those responsible for risk management at their organisation. Delegates will be presented with the latest and most effective risk identification methods that will assist them in obtaining a 360° view of risk in their organisation. They will also be given the opportunity to test these methods with other delegates at the session. Round-table discussions within small groups will assist in sharing challenges as well as workable, proven solutions.

Masterclass outcomes

  • Enhance your risk identification process and better facilitate risk conversations
  • How to apply the techniques and templates from the session at your own organisation
  • Understanding of the latest methods for effective risk identification
  • Knowledge of the biases and pitfalls in risk identification and how to avoid them

About the facilitators

The facilitators, Dean and Karla, bring deep domain experience and extensive knowledge of best practice methodologies. Trained at Airmic, BCI and the IRM, they have continued to be thought leaders in the risk management arena, regularly publishing white papers articles and delivering masterclasses, conference presentations and seminars. They have worked closely with over 50 CROs, risk management teams and boards at organisations across the globe, designing and implementing ERM frameworks; introducing software to digitise risk processes; and driving a risk aware culture through training and workshops.

Dean and Karla's innovative, refreshing and efficient approach to risk management is reflected in the VinciWorks risk management product line. This includes Omnitrack, a tool that enables businesses to track, collect and manage information from their employees. Together with his colleague, Karla Gahan, Dean has provided risk professionals with the tools designed to give organisations a 360° view of their principal risks.

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