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How to conduct a tabletop exercise

A tabletop exercise is a facilitated training workshop that tests existing business continuity plans to determine efficacy and identify any areas which need further attention and action. It’s carried out face-to-face with a business continuity team and run with a facilitator to ensure the exercise covers all of your objectives.

On Wednesday 27 February, we will be hosting our first business continuity masterclass. The interactive session will share insights on how to run a tabletop exercise in your own organisation. Delegates will be presented with a clear structure on how to prepare for and run a tabletop exercise. They will also participate in a mock exercise, enabling them to understand how best to facilitate a session.

Masterclass outcomes

  • Gain a clear understanding on how to prepare for and run a tabletop exercise
  • Be better prepared for any incident that may arise
  • Understand how to promote the value of running a tabletop exercise to managers
  • Become better equipped to educate your team members on their roles in the business continuity team

About the facilitators

Karla Gahan and Dean Hughes bring deep domain experience and extensive knowledge of best practice business continuity and risk management methodologies. Members of Airmic, the BCI and the IRM, and close affiliates of the IIRSM, they have continued to be thought leaders in the business continuity and risk management arena, regularly publishing white papers and articles, and delivering masterclasses, conference presentations and seminars. They have trained business continuity teams and carried out tabletop exercises across the globe.

Their innovative, refreshing and efficient approach to business continuity and risk management is reflected in the VinciWorks product line. They are available to consult business leaders on their business continuity plans, as well as take them through one or all of the five steps of business continuity.

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