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Social Media

Communicating at Work

Social media compliance training for all staff

Social media blurs the boundaries between our once distinct personal and professional personas. From sharing our views on the world to celebrating professional achievements and even interacting with brands as a consumer, the way we present ourselves online has rapidly become the marker of how we are perceived by the outside world.

Social Media: Communicating at Work takes a practical and comprehensive approach to training staff on the dangers and pitfalls of social media use at work. This includes social media posts on behalf of, or about, their workplace, as well as personal social media use that could also affect workers' reputations or that of their company. Through immersive scenarios, real-life case studies and interactive exercises, users will gain a thorough understanding of how to keep themselves, and their business, safe when using social media.

Course outcomes

After completing the course, learners will know:

  • The real world impacts of social media failings
  • Social media and the law, including real life case studies
  • How to protect themselves online
  • How to maximise privacy settings on social media
  • How to make the most of social media in their professional capacity
  • How to protect their mental health when using social media
  • How to follow your organisation's social media policies
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Course features

  • Interactive timeline of social media networks
  • Interactive assessments — Decide whether to share or delete a social media post
  • Upload your own social media policy
  • Customise any part of the training
  • Can be used as a base course, or a refresher
  • Inform staff what they can and cannot post from their personal accounts
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