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Protect your organisation from the next attack

Human error remains the most likely cause of cyber breaches, with phishing emails the no. 1 tactic used by attackers. In more sophisticated attacks, such as spear phishing attacks, emails will target individuals or organisations, being more personalised to include the victim or company’s name. The results of such an attack can be devastating, often resulting in sensitive information being compromised and financial repercussions.

VinciWorks' cyber security training suite has been updated to include two new micro courses, allowing users to learn how to protect themselves and their organisation from the latest threats in five minutes.

Cyber Security: Practical Applications

The course is designed as a 20 minute journey through a series of interactive apps. Each app tackles a different topic and provides actionable advice for improving cyber security.

After completing the course users will understand:

  • How easy it is for any employee to cause irreparable damage to their company
  • How to identify phishing emails and unsafe websites or links
  • Their personal cyber security weak points, and how to improve them
  • How to identify and avoid social engineering
  • The dangers of using the same password on multiple sites and using insecure passwords
Password Protection
In the News
Do's and Don'ts
Social Engineering
File Sharing

The course is completely customisable, with the option of either adding your own customisations or choosing from our catalogue of additional apps. Since its original release, we have added six new interactive apps to the course.


Ransomware attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated and ferocious. Clicking the wrong link can let attackers hold your entire business hostage. Learn how to protect yourself and your business from being a target in the next digital hostage crisis with this short course.

Phishing Challenge 2.0

We’ve all seen emails purporting to be from a bank or credit card company, but some phishing emails are very well disguised. Phishing Challenge 2.0 presents eight emails, with users having to identify the red flags in each one. The course enables users to identify high risk employees and produces a report with each employee's phishing risk score. You can view the original Phishing Challenge here.

Knowledge Check

This five minute course tests users' knowledge of secure password best practice, protocol following cyber attacks and protecting sensitive information. There are ten questions to answer, and users will receive feedback after each question.

Cyber security awareness posters

Our collection of printable posters summarise key learning points for cyber security. They include common social media pitfalls, tips for creating secure passwords and guidance on the different types of cyber attacks. The posters can be put up in the lifts or in your office board room to create awareness on cyber security threats.


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