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Phishing Challenges

Interactive phishing training & challenges for employees

Research shows that 64% of staff are either high or medium risk of falling victim to a phishing attack. Even if your organisation's IT department is doing everything to make their computer system safe, one employee can bring down the organisation by falling prey to a phishing scam. For example, simply clicking on a PDF attachment can compromise your account details, as well as that of your colleagues, friends and family.

VinciWorks' Phishing Challenges present a series of emails, with users having to identify the red flags in each one. These phishing simulations enable managers to identify high risk employees and produce a report with each employee's phishing risk score. Businesses can create their own industry and role-specific phishing challenges. A new phishing challenge is released regularly to reflect the latest threats.

The Phishing Challenges are included in the purchase of VinciWorks' cyber security training suite.

Demo all of our Phishing Training

Phishing Challenge 1.0

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