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Cyber Security


Spot red flags and combat the risks

Email is a critical and indispensable tool for employees worldwide. However, with its benefits, email presents a range of challenges and potential pitfalls which can be costly to firms and individuals alike. Too many professionals have been caught out by incorrect usage of email, resulting in embarrassment to themselves and their firm, dismissals and even legal action. Each time we open our email, we're diving into a world of risks.

This 10 minute course is designed to help learners understand what those risks are, and how to take action to mitigate them. Email@Risk can change your employees' behaviour and help you avoid the next cyber breach by heightening awareness towards email pitfalls and teaching proper email etiquette.

Email Security Awareness Training - Learning outcomes

  • Understand the risks presented by email and how to identify red flags
  • Identify common phishing tactics and how to mitigate them
  • Learn how to avoid simple mistakes such as “reply all”
  • Learn how to protect documents and emails, including the specific provider of the user, with encryption
  • Best-practice etiquette for email and inbox management
  • Best practice guidance for subject lines and email content
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Email security awarness course customisations

Email@Risk is 100% customisable. Here are some of the customisations organisations may choose to apply to the course:

  • Include your business' email management policies and procedures
  • Introductory message — Why is it important for your staff to be careful on social media?
  • Add details of a cyber security contact person
  • Translate the course into any language
  • Edit text within a module or build your own custom module

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