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Cyber Security

Practical Applications

Cyber Security: Practical Applications

This course is designed as a 20 minute journey through a series of interactive apps. Each app tackles a different topic and provides actionable advice for improving cyber security.

After completing the course users will understand:

  • How easy it is for any employee to cause irreparable damage to their company
  • How to identify phishing emails and unsafe websites or links
  • Their personal cyber security weak points, and how to improve them
  • How to identify and avoid social engineering
  • The dangers of using the same password on multiple sites and using insecure passwords
Password Protection
In the News
Do's and Don'ts
Social Engineering
File Sharing

The course is completely customisable, with the option of either adding your own customisations or choosing from our catalogue of additional apps.

A plethora of customisation options

You can select additional apps from the choices below or create your own

Anatomy of a Mega Breach
Firm Security Measures
Law Firms at Risk
Cyber Attack Motives
UK and EU Guidance
Cyber Security and IT
Acceptable Use
Information Classification
Information Asset Registers
Public Browsing
Personal Cyber Awareness


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