How would it feel to know that your employees are not only safer but that the time invested in tracking compliance training could be mitigated? In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology leading the way in which jobs are performed and enhanced, it could be dangerous not to bridge a smart system (LMS) with your business.

In the News: U.S. Compliance Concerns

In August 2017, OSHA claimed a security breach within their newly launched Injury Tracking Application (ITA) that Homeland Security was unable to locate. Still, the idea of private employee information being at risk leaves apprehension amongst employers who may report less about an employee’s injury or medical condition. According to an article by Haynes and Boone LLP in “Lexology”,

“Proposed budget cuts further complicate the issue. The Trump administration has proposed $2.5 billion in cuts to the Department of Labor’s budget for the fiscal year 2018. The proposed cuts will shrink the Department’s budget by 21 percent. It is unclear if the proposed cuts will impact implementation or upkeep of the Injury Tracking Application.”

If the cuts do impact ITA, it could come down to employers to ensure that there is not only a reduced number of injuries and risk so that the reporting will also decrease, but to streamline as much information as possible to ITA without too much follow up or upkeep needed at the individual level.

Where We Come In – A LMS is part of the Solution!

As we move toward 2019, tracking and managing employee training will be less of a hassle and more valued and ingrained into your company’s culture because of the automation we can provide.

With WorkWize some of the capabilities include:

  • Tracking the compliance and non-compliance with employee training
  • Sending automatic email notifications
  • Increasing the efficiency of the training process allowing you to gain more value in the training budget
  • Setting up easily and quickly
  • Increasing organizational awareness and thereby encouraging a culture of compliance
  • Keeping a single training record for each employee and,
  • Integrating the system with an HR or payroll system so that new employees are automatically put on a training path.

As employee scores within WorkWize can be compared to face-to-face training, it will serve as a second step in ensuring that employees understand the necessary health and safety measures required for their respective jobs. Of course, accidents happen and there is no way to control outcomes or expect that no injury or harm will ever occur, but by proactively making compliance training a top priority you will create a more conscious company and workers.

Course Sampling from our LMS

Falling At Work

According to the latest OSHA report, one in five worker deaths were in construction with 364 out of those 937 deaths due to falling. Our Slips, Trips and Falls course will take you through:

  • How slips, trips, and falls occur in the workplace
  • Common hazards that can cause slips, trips, and falls
  • Effective control measures to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls occurring

Inhalation of Asbestos

Asbestos is the number one cause of occupational cancer in the United States. Several types of industry workers may come across this hazardous material because of its varied usage for several decades before it was partially banned in 1991. Once airborne, the carcinogenic material can become trapped within the lining of the lungs, causing mesothelioma, a rare lung disease that takes many years to present symptoms. To protect yourself and your employees from mishandling the material and inhaling the fibers, enroll in our Asbestos Awareness course. The course objectives are as follows:

  • To detail what Asbestos is and the different types of Asbestos.
  • To highlight Asbestos-related diseases and risk factors
  • To explain the legal requirements concerning Asbestos and how Asbestos is managed in the workplace.
  • To show the common types of Asbestos materials and where they may be found.
  • To detail the procedures for dealing with Asbestos related emergencies.

Exposure to Legionella

Last month, two cooling towers at Disneyland needed to be shut down following an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease, where nine people who visited the park in September developed the disease. Because the bacteria is invisible and spread through the air, it is vital that those who are in charge of maintaining the components where legionella can breed are made aware of the potential risks and how to know when to alert concern. With our Legionella course, those taking it will be able to:

  • Highlight what legionella is and its impact on human health
  • Detail the conditions which encourage legionella bacteria growth
  • Explain the reasons for some of the actions a user may have been asked to carry out as part of an organization’s water management system
  • Know when to seek advice

Every year, the ways in which we use technology to make improvements in business and otherwise continue to grow at an alarming speed. To be without it puts businesses at a disadvantage because not only are you giving yourself more work but, in the case of health and safety, you are removing the ability to create a healthier workplace where one could exist quite simply. We encourage all employers to take this into serious consideration and to start off 2019 on the right foot with WorkWize.

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