Money laundering in the news

Six men were recently convicted of taking part in a £30m money laundering scam which involved passing dirty money through a road haulage firm. The leading operator was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, while another person involved was sentenced to five years, and others to three and a half years and eight years respectively.

VinciWorks new case study about the scam explains what happened, how the criminals were caught, what the penalties were, and what the red flags in the case were. 

Reading case studies about AML failings can help individuals and organisations improve their AML compliance, reduce the risk of regulatory enforcement actions, and protect their reputation and business interests.

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How VinciWorks can help with AML compliance

AML client onboarding solution

Omnitrack, VinciWorks’ AML client onboarding solution enhances both the risk assessment and document collection aspects of client onboarding. 

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AML training suite – relevant training for all staff

VinciWorks strives to make its AML training more than simply a tick-box exercise. 

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