Image showing someone voting in the UK general elections
The UK goes to the polls in a critical election on 12 December 2019

To help businesses keep track of updates in UK legislation and policies, VinciWorks regularly publishes a short regulatory update. Since our last update in July, the Prime Minister was unable to fulfill his pledge to take the UK out of the EU by the end of October 2019. As a result, a general election was called for 12 December 2019.

This regulatory agenda is designed to provide an overview of regulatory changes or new regulations recently passed, proposed, or on the agenda which are relevant to key compliance areas of VinciWorks’ clients in the UK. In this election special, the regulatory agenda will focus on the compliance-related manifesto commitments of the main parties.

Parliament was dissolved on 6 November 2019, so there is currently no legislation in progress. However, government consultations remain in progress, as do EU level developments.

This special edition of the Regulatory agenda will cover the following:

  • Manifesto commitments from key parties
  • Upcoming legislation
  • Current open consultations
  • Closed consultations
  • EU developments

You can download this special edition of the regulatory agenda here.