Omnitrack version 2.0.9

Addition of ‘or’ condition between multiple logic rules

  • You can now create even more sophisticated logic on fields. Use multiple rules with ‘and’ or ‘or’ between them. 

Form template library

  • NOTE : This has not been rolled out yet but development is completed and we can turn it on.
  • New ‘browse our templates’ button!
  • The template library aims to make it super easy for potential and existing customers to get started with Omnitrack. All of our templates will be available in the library.
  • User can search for, preview, and use templates from the library.

Copy/Paste a list of items into form builder!

  • You can now copy and paste a list of items into the drop-down and multi choice fields in form builder.
  • For example: DAC6 list of all EU member states is super easy to generate without manually creating new lines in form builder.

More grid design enhancements

  • New! Click a grid row to view the full submission. You no longer need to click ‘View Submission’ on the Inbox. You can open a form by clicking a row on the grid.
  • We tightened up the design so more data appears on the grid
    • This includes less spacing and removing the big action buttons that used to sit at the far right of the grid.
  • Action buttons have been moved under the menu but also appear on the form now.

Bug fixes

Performance fixes

  • Fixed terrible lag in loading pages that have tons of content. 
  • Fixed lag when typing into form builder.
  • Fixed slowness with typing into a long end-user form

Fixed form names overlapping with actions

  • Basically an embarrassing bug where actions on a form were covered up by the form name. 

Fixed assignee column disappearing 

  • Assignee column was disappearing when there were more than 5 columns in the form.