To help businesses keep track of updates in UK legislation and policies, VinciWorks regularly publishes a short regulatory update. Since our last update in January, the UK left the EU, with certain legislation coming into effect. This includes the GDPR we have become familiar with disappearing from the statute book and the Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 coming into effect.

This regulatory agenda is designed to provide an overview of regulatory changes or new regulations recently passed, proposed, or on the agenda which are relevant to key compliance areas of VinciWorks’ clients in the UK. It includes legislative and government action on data protection, whistleblowing, modern slavery, DAC6, tax evasion, legal services, IR35 and more.

This edition of the regulatory agenda will cover the following:

  • EU developments
  • Bills before Parliament
  • Upcoming legislation
  • Current open consultations
  • Closed consultations
  • Key points of the Queen’s speech that are relevant to compliance
  • An analysis of the manifesto commitments of the last election

Download Regulatory Agenda