Brexit month – Regulatory Agenda for January 2020

The EU flag with the UK's start missing

To help businesses keep track of updates in UK legislation and policies, VinciWorks regularly publishes a short regulatory update. Since our last update in November 2019, Boris Johnson won the 12 December election with a majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons. This means the Prime Minister, following countless delays, looks set to finally fulfil his promise to “Get Brexit Done”. The UK will leave the EU on 31 January 2020.

This regulatory agenda is designed to provide an overview of regulatory changes or new regulations recently passed, proposed, or on the agenda which are relevant to key compliance areas of VinciWorks’ clients in the UK. This regulatory agenda includes the current and upcoming legislation that may be affected by Brexit.

This edition of the regulatory agenda will cover the following:

  • EU developments
  • Bills before Parliament
  • Upcoming legislation
  • Current open consultations
  • Closed consultations
  • Key points of the Queen’s speech that are relevant to compliance.
  • An analysis of the manifesto commitments of the last election

You can download this special edition of the regulatory agenda here.