The Problem

Epwin were looking to deliver a group-specific manual handling training course as part of their induction programme entitled “One Foot and Move It”. Ideally, the company wanted to:

  • Reach employees across 30 geographically dispersed locations with a consistent training message regarding good manual handling practices and techniques
  • Implement a training programme that would be relevant and applicable for their particular business, budget and within a tight time frame
  • Identify the most appropriate format for delivering this solution so that if would effective in different working environments
  • Test understanding of their content
  • Generate and maintain training records and reports

The Solution

EssentialSkillz easy-to-use Rapid Course Authoring Tool – WorkWize Author – allows anyone capable of using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to rapidly design, deliver and manage their own online learning programmes. Entirely new courses can be written or existing PowerPoint presentations and video training materials adapted for delivery online. Content can be tracked using WorkWize LMS, our Online Learning & Assessment System.

What can I get from the Rapid Course Authoring Tool?

  • The ability to easily create and update organisation specific online training courses with no programming requirement
  • Communicate effectively across your workforce while tracking, recording and testing each individual’s knowledge of the subject
  • Publish organisational policies and procedures and verify acknowledgement
  • Refresh and revitalise existing training content
  • Fast deployment


(adding or editing a course is as easy as one click)

In Practice

The primary concerns for Epwin were effectiveness, budget and time frame.

We were able to merge all of the media types supplied to us into WorkWize Author. Epwin had developed a 30-minute video that they wanted to roll out to staff, but needed some sort of mechanism to track take-up rates and test levels of understanding. EssentialSkillz were able to create a short module to introduce the footage, explain more about the training process and link through to the video. A test was added to verify that users had watched and listened attentively.

Epwin recorded the video footage and then turned to EssentialSkillz to incorporate it as part of an online training course. WorkWize Author is extremely easy to use, however resourcing issues and time pressures may compromise what can be achieved in house.

Epwin outsourced the development work to us and using our own authoring tool, EssentialSkillz was able to create the package in one day and roll it out within one week of invoicing.


(changing slide imagery with a drag and drop interface)

The Results

The implementation of the bespoke manual handling package within Epwin saw all the company’s objectives achieved.

  • New employees are receiving access to the training course, ensuring delivery of a relevant, consistent and uniform safety message
  • Post-course test created using the WorkWize Author quiz tool
  • Project completed well within budget and delivered within a week of invoice date

WorkWize LMS now provides Epwin with comprehensive real-time reports on training records and test results for their employees. This is exactly as they required in order for them to demonstrate the company’s adherence to best practice and legislative requirements.

‘As a geographically spread operation with 30 businesses throughout the UK we have been able to utilise the WorkWize Author to implement a standard training program to our own format that can be used throughout the Group. The Rapid Course Authoring Tool was straightforward to use and the roll out of the training program was then so effortless to do. The feedback by employees has been excellent as they have been given a training program that makes sense to them and is applicable to our business. Now we have started we do not want to stop; thanks to Essentialskillz and the team for providing an excellent platform and first-class support.’

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