We needed a system that would work well with a heavily office-based workforce, to ensure we could provide Health & Safety training, but was flexible so that workflow wasn’t disrupted and staff didn’t need to take time away from the workplace.

There were a number of factors that made the EssentialSkillz an ideal system for us;

  • Course content as standard covered the base needs of the business and provides excellent information for employees.
  • Being able to edit courses, when we deemed appropriate meant we could make the standard course into a be-spoke course and the ability to insert specific statements, documents & questions has been invaluable, both in providing employees with company-specific information but also proving employee awareness as a business.
  • The WorkWize Learning Management System is very user-friendly and the external support has been exceptional. To ring about the smallest of questions or request web-hosting to talk through any substantial requirements has always been met in a positive manner, with follow up calls to make sure everything is going well. Special thanks to Rachel & Stephen for their help.
  • Finally the cost. As a business, we could never have completed so much training, completed Risk Assessments and maintained records for anywhere near the annual cost of this product.

The level of support & technical assistance has been exceptional. All queries have been resolved very quickly. They are then followed up to ensure we are comfortable with what has been shown, explained or implemented.

This system exceeds our needs with its ability to become be-spoke to our working environment. The next stage is to take this further and obtain the ability to write some of our own courses outside of Health & Safety to raise staff awareness on other business requirements.

Looking to train your employees in key health and safety practices? Visit our course library to see our online training catalogue and speak to one of our sales experts.