On-demand webinar: Tools and case studies for Modern Slavery Act compliance

On Tuesday 26th September at 12:00pm, Marshalls’ modern slavery expert Richard Beale joined VinciWorks to discuss the practical aspects of modern slavery compliance and answer attendee questions. Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin began the webinar with a review of VinciWorks’ modern slavery training suite before introducing Richard.

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The webinar discussed some key questions surrounding modern slavery compliance

  • A review of best practice from the first year of statements
  • Marshalls’ response to the Modern Slavery Act
  • How to carry out a supplier audit
  • What drives Marshalls’ commitment to combatting modern slavery in the supply chain?
  • How should staff report concerns of modern slavery?

Modern slavery compliance “more than just ticking a box” – key takeaways

This webinar gave attendees a chance to hear how Marshalls became an industry leader in managing and monitoring compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. Richard shared that he doesn’t see the requirements under The Act as a tick-box process, but rather as a responsibility and commitment to human rights. Marshalls has therefore created its own standard, Fairstone, which goes beyond what is mandated by law. A poll carried out during the webinar also found that 42% of organisations have already updated their modern slavery statement in the past year, with 41% planning to update it. Only 11% say they haven’t yet published a statement.

About the expert

Richard BealeRichard Beale is the Global Supply Chain Director at Marshalls plc. and has over 20 years of experience managing global supply chain and procurement in the FMCG, retail, financial services, private equity and manufacturing sectors. At Marshalls, Richard is piloting a cutting-edge supplier education programme focusing on the elimination of modern slavery.


Free modern slavery statement template

VinciWorks has created a modern slavery statement template that can easily be edited to suit your organisation and staff. You can download this template here.