Tax evasion knowledge check screenshot

Users get instant feedback on their answer to each question

Tax evasion continues to be a concern for many European firms. To ensure that your employees remained trained and up to date, VinciWorks has just released a five-minute knowledge check on tax evasion prevention. Knowledge Checks consist of different scenarios to help employees understand which course of action to take in different situations. This knowledge check is part of VinciWorks’ tax evasion training suite which includes the latest course, Tax Evasion: Failure to Prevent and can also be purchased alone.

The five-minute knowledge check covers:

  • Examples of tax evasion
  • Which types of transactions are considered tax evasion
  • The requirements of the Criminal Finances Act
  • Examples of facilitation of tax evasion
  • What is meant by “reasonable procedures” under the Criminal Finances Act

VinciWorks’ Knowledge Check series

VinciWorks’ knowledge checks allow businesses to verify and assess your staff’s knowledge of key compliance areas. We are always adding new knowledge checks and we even have an option for businesses to create their own.