Learning Management System 6.0 is here

We are excited to share that the VinciWorks Learning Management System (LMS) has now been upgraded to version 6.0. The new version of the LMS has many improvements that focus on creating a rich user-friendly learning experience. With a beautiful new user interface, learning plans, video course creation and more, this upgrade improves many aspects of the system, without changing any of the current functionality. You can view a video demonstration of the new version by clicking on the image below.

Play lms 6 demo

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LMS 6.0 – what’s new?

LMS 6.0 includes hundreds of enhancements to the system architecture, improved user experience and many new features. Note, some of these features are only available to users on the pro and enterprise plan.

Redesigned user experience

An example of VinciWorks' LMS 6.0 dashboard

An example of VinciWorks’ LMS 6.0 dashboard

The learning dashboard has been completely redesigned as a clean, uncluttered interface that is simple, intuitive and requires no training. The beautiful interface features “learning cards” with all of the learning details at a glance.

The learner dashboard also features:

  • Accreditation status at a glance
  • New, filterable calendar of upcoming activities
  • New filterable activities search

Learning plans

A screenshot of LMS learning cards

LMS “learning cards” provide users with all of the learning details at a glance

Learning plans are multi-course roadmaps for achieving learning outcomes. They allow administrators to design curricula to be completed either consecutively or non-consecutively. Learning plans can be nested within other learning plans, and courses can be linked directly with deep links.

Reimagined query builder

Dynamic groups and Nagware are some of the most popular features in the VinciWorks LMS. LMS 6.0 simplifies the complex query builder with an intuitive UX that makes building groups convenient and fast.

Create a video course

Administrators can now create trackable and customisable video courses straight from the system.

  • Track course completions and durations
  • Add custom introductory and summary text
  • Block users from fast-forwarding

Other enhancements

  • Improved LMS security including new password rules
  • Customisable colour schemes
  • New analytics dashboard for administrators provides informative analytics on user numbers and course completions
  • Performance enhancements to speed up the system and increase its responsiveness

LMS 6.0 – learn more

Over two years of development has gone into LMS 6.0, during which time we have rethought many parts of the interface based on feedback from our customers. If you would like to learn more about the new version, feel free to get in touch by completing the form below.