The FCA requires financial firms to follow a formal process for receiving and handling customer complaints. That means that workers must be trained in all the different steps of this process, from recognising complaints to investigating them, responding to, and recording each complaint properly. Failure by employees to comply with the requirements of any of a variety of laws and standards relating to the industry can result in fines or worse. 

VinciWorks’ new FCA Complaint handling course is designed to provide everything service employees need to know to comply with FCA requirements and, hopefully, please even the most dissatisfied customer. 

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Course features

  • Provides short but comprehensive training 
  • Includes practical examples and real-life case studies from the business world
  • Incorporates short, interactive assessments
  • A great way to refresh concepts for people who have already trained in FCA complaints handling
  • Fully customisable for specific cases related to your business

Learning outcomes

Recognise complaints

Learn to identify what the FCA considers a complaint. (It’s not always obvious.)

Comply with requirements

Understand the steps you need to complete for every complaint. 

Provide great support

Explore how to deliver fair outcomes for the customer and keep them happy.

Handle reporting

Understand the FCA’s approach to documenting complaints.

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