New LMS feature: email audit trail for individual users

The audit trail keeps track of every email and Nag sent by the LMS. It is enables administrators to keep track of actions by other administrators; evidence course completions to regulators; and access an historical record when needed.

Previously the audit trail for the entire firm was stored in one long list. However, many times this record needs to be accessed in the context of a particular user. We have now redesigned the audit trail so it appears as a tab on each user’s record.

Here you can see the audit trail for our Product Manager, Adam Sinclair:

One common use case we found for this new feature is during employee reviews. A compliance officer or line manager might want to review how many times an employee was nagged before they completed their training.

Another common use is to verify that a particular user actually received an email, or to remind a user of an email that might have been overlooked or lost in the mix.

In all of these cases we found it easier to view the audit trail as part of the user record.

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