New LMS feature: preview Nagware due to be sent the following day

Nagware is one of our most popular and powerful features. It automates the tedious task of tracking down people who neglect to complete their training. Our analysis shows that proper implementation of Nagware can increase the completion rate by 300%.

With Nagware’s power comes great responsibility. Nags can be sent to any person at the firm, from any person, at any interval. This can, at times, be intimidating.

With the new ‘Nags Sending Tomorrow’, you have full visibility into who will receive a nag the next day (Nagware sends all emails in one batch at around 7:00 am GMT). This gives you the control you need to postpone or modify a nag before the wrong person receives an automated email.

You can view this information on the ‘List All Nags’ screen:

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