HMRC completes draft of DAC6 reporting schema

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HMRC has completed a draft of its XML schema for making automated DAC6 reports. When DAC6 comes into force HMRC will allow reporting by one of two methods:

  • XML file upload – This method is expected to be available from 1 July 2020
  • Manual data entry – We do not yet have an exact date for when this method will be available but it is expected shortly after 1 July

The schema that HMRC has drafted forms the basis of the first method. It specifies how automated XML reports should be structured and details the required information. 

The schema has already been incorporated into VinciWorks’ DAC6 Reporting Tool.

Click here to download HMRC’s XML schema

The link provides three documents:

  • The schema
  • Technical User Guide
  • Data relationship diagram

The technical team at VinciWorks has reviewed the schema in depth. After comparing it to a number of existing schemas, they have determined that HMRC’s schema is similar to other EU countries.