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With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, most workers are now working from home. This is a new and challenging reality for many people that could create mental health challenges or exacerbate existing ones. There are some significant risks to staff during this time, but also some suggestions organisations can implement, often quickly and without significant cost, to counter and mitigate those risks and help staff through this difficult time.

You can also download guidance as a colourful PDF poster to either stick on your wall at home or share with your colleagues here.

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Risk #1: Loneliness and isolation

Suggestions: Schedule regular check-ins with colleagues via instant messaging apps and video conferencing. Organise a social initiative such as virtual office happy hour or virtual team lunch.

Risk #2. Stress due to blurred lines between work and home

Suggestions: Try to keep home and work life separate by setting up a dedicated home office space. Set specific work hours and communicate them to your team. Get dressed for work to help you feel focused and professional.

Risk #3: Stress due to non-ideal home-working space

Suggestions: Check with your manager to see what equipment you may be able to borrow from the office or what expenses your workplace will agree to cover.

Risk #4: Frustration and stress due to distractions at home

Suggestions: Try and find a comfortable and private place to focus on work. Keeping to-do lists may also help. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and get outside for some fresh air if you are able to.

Risk #5: Anxiety around job security and financial uncertainty

Suggestion: Talk to your manager about your concerns. Clear and frequent communication is always important for reducing anxiety around job security.

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