We’re constantly working to provide our Astute users with the best possible experience of our eLearning platform. That’s why we’ve introduced the next step-up for Astute: the introduction of the Appraisal Management System.

Our Appraisal Management System is a great way of storing and reviewing employee/manager interaction. Managers can see all 1-to-1 and appraisal information in one place, providing an easy-to-understand way to visualise the skills development of their staff. They can configure templates for 1-to-1s, tailoring them and reusing them as appropriate. Employees can track their own development and see the results of previous 1-to-1s.

Once appraisal time comes round, managers and employees can rest assured they have all the relevant information from previous reviews and catch-ups at their fingertips, saving everyone time going over old ground.

It is a useful tool for companies interested in upskilling and internally promoting their staff – a strategy that benefits employees and organisations alike, saving time and money on external recruitment. Employees with high-demand skills are more likely to stay with their current company if their employer is investing in their training.

The Appraisal Management System is available through the “Personal Development” button when you log into Astute.

For further information please contact us:

[email protected] or call 01509 611019

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