Anti-bribery contract clause templates

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VinciWorks has created two contract clause templates that can easily be edited to suit your organisation’s contact persons, industry, and internal policies. These contract clauses allow businesses to withdraw from their contract with either a supplier or employee should they be found to be offering or accepting bribes. Here is some guidance on what should be included in these clauses, as well as a link to download them. These templates are also included in the  VinciWorks’ anti-bribery resource page.

Anti-bribery employment contract clause template

Should a member of staff be found guilty of offering, promising, giving, requesting, agreeing to receive, or accepting any bribes while working for a specific organisation, their employer has every right to, and should, terminate their employment contract with immediate effect.

What should an employment contract clause include?

An employment clause should:

  • Define what is considered a breach of the clause
  • Define exactly what is considered a bribe
  • Highlight what improper conduct means: not acting in good faith; not acting impartially and not acting in accordance with a position of trust
  • State that by agreeing to the clause, the staff member agrees to report any suspicious conduct that may amount to a bribe
  • Explain that should the company suspect a member of staff of bribery, they are entitled to suspend the staff member’s employment while carrying out its investigations

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Anti-bribery supplier contract clause template

Similarly to an employment contract clause, a supplier contract clause should state that the company will distance itself from any third party, such as a supplier, that is found to offer or accept bribes.

What should be included in a supplier contract clause?

The supplier contract clause should make it clear that by signing the supplier contract, they agree to adhere to the company’s strict standards regarding bribery. This includes not doing anything that could cause reputational damage to the subscriber, having the right procedures in place to prevent bribery, comply with any audits that are performed, and more.

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