VinciWorks releases new anti-bribery course

New anti-bribery training from VinciWorks

Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal drops users into immersive scenarios to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to uncover risks of bribery in their working life.

Despite the UK Bribery Act having come into force in 2010, bribery is still a hugely problematic issue in corporate life. Billions of pounds of fines are levied every year and frequent reports hit the headlines of investigations and prosecutions from the US Department of Justice and UK Serious Fraud Office.

Bribery cases have ensnared some of the world’s largest companies, biggest sporting bodies and most powerful politicians. The propensity for some people to act corruptly might never change, but our approach to training and compliance can.

In Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal, users face a set of realistic characters and scenarios from all walks of life, some of whom may be trying to offer, or ask for, a bribe. It is up to users to assess each situation and decide on the best course of action based on company procedures and the law.

Demo the course

Bribery course screenshot

In Bribery: Know Your Deal, users gain instant feedback on their answer to each question

Course features

  • Unique course builder, allowing each user to complete their own personalised course, individually tailored to their training requirements
  • Gamified learning that rewards users with a new experience points system
  • Expert users are able to “test-out”, allowing them to complete the course in less time
  • Live AML risk assessment feature — compare your risk tolerance with other professionals in your industry
  • Translated versions available in multiple languages
  • Add your own custom scenario questions

The course is suitable for all types of users in an organisation, from rookies to veterans, and includes a unique course builder at the start, so every user can complete their own personalised course, individually tailored to their training requirements.

Course modules to choose from include:

  • Intro to bribery
  • How does this make you feel?
  • Working abroad
  • Management
  • Gifts and donations
  • FCPA

Gain experience points as you complete the course

Screenshot of a user gaining experience pointsThe new course enables users to accrue experience points as they work through various bribery scenarios. Veteran users will gather experience points more quickly, updating their knowledge and completing the course in as little as fifteen minutes. Newer users or those that need a more in-depth refresher are encouraged to spend more time reading additional content and building up a bank of points to demonstrate their bribery awareness.

Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal aims to help organisations implement the adequate procedures the Bribery Act expects as a defence against the offence of failing to prevent bribery. By immersing users in a scenario-based learning experience, staff get a real life understanding of what it’s like to come face to face with corruption and gain the skills to spot it and stop it.

Course outcomes

  • Understand the requirements of the UK Bribery Act
  • Learn to evaluate risks and follow the right course of action
  • Know how to spot bribery risks and red flags
  • Be aware of your responsibilities when working abroad or managing teams
  • Get to grips with FCPA and its requirements
  • Consider the real world implications of bribery and corrupt conduct