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VinciWorks releases new course on Modern Slavery Act

VinciWorks has released a new online course on the Modern Slavery Act. This 20 minute course teaches employees about the Modern Slavery Act and explains how they can identify signs of slavery in the supply chain. It uses scenarios that are tailored to different industries and can be customised to include internal procedures. The course:


  • Provides background on the scope of the issue
  • Reviews the legal requirements under the Modern Slavery Act
  • Teaches staff how to identify slavery in the supply chain
  • Provide examples of red flags
  • Explains the organisation’s internal reporting procedures


Fill out the form below to demo the course:

Risk Management System updated with new fields and new reports

Version 2.01 of the Risk Management System includes many enhancements and built in reports.

New fields in the risk assessment process

We have added several new fields for risks: risk velocity, explanations for assessments, tolerance, further actions being considered, review date, and several new fields for controls: type, effectiveness score, effectiveness description, improvements being considered or pursued, review date.

risk-assessment-fields [2]

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Continuing Competence Module is now fully customisable

As the November deadline for changes to CPD approaches, many law firms have a clearer vision for how to implement the SRA’s new approach to continuing competence.

The top feature request we have received is the ability to customise the VinciWorks Continuing Competence Module to fit with internal language and procedures.

Every single word and link can be customised

As you can see from the screenshot below, we have redesigned the software so that every word in the module can be modified. Some of the changes firms have made so far include:

  • Links to internal career development frameworks
  • Changing the words “learning needs” to “learning objectives”
  • Hiding stage 4 of the process (the annual declaration) at certain times of year

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