As part of managing the health and safety of a business, employers are required by law to perform a risk assessment of the hazards relevant to their workplace. To comply with this law, employers must evaluate potential dangers and document their mitigating procedures. This process starts with risk identification.

VinciWorks' health & safety risk assessments cover the six key risk areas of the modern office and enable companies to identify health and safety risks throughout the organisation by engaging every employee in the risk assessment process. The risk assessments provide employers with instant feedback highlighting potential workplace risks; the results can then be aggregated into charts in seconds and red flags can easily be tagged and monitored.

Create forms, track and manage reports on one platform


Administrators can either build forms themselves or use our best-practice customisable templates. High risk submissions are then automatically flagged.


Track who has completed the form and easily identify any risks. Automatic email reminders can be set for those who do not complete the survey.

Review and resolve

Review flagged entries via the dashboard and take appropriate action.

Manage reports

Submissions can be segmented by administrators and charts can be generated in seconds to easily understand results.

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