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Reporting Solution

Centralised reporting for non-legal entities

A complete, easy-to-manage DAC6 reporting solution for banks, investment houses, accounting firms, multinationals and taxpayers

DAC6 compliance for all businesses, with any workflow

DAC6 is a European directive aimed at reducing international tax evasion and promoting transparency. It requires any company that serves as an "intermediary" to a cross-border tax arrangement to assess that arrangement and report it to the tax authorities in some situations. DAC6 could potentially create a significant compliance burden for companies that are party to a cross-border transaction, even if their role is incidental. Many investment funds and banks, as well as multinational corporations, will be exposed to liability under DAC6.


VinciWorks' DAC6 reporting tool provides non-legal entities with the expertise, knowledge and technical infrastructure to comply with the EU Directive in every EU jurisdiction. The tool features customisable workflows designed and updated for the intricacies of each EU member state�s implementation of DAC6.

Core features

  • Simple set up and built in, up-to-date expertise
  • Determine whether a transaction requires reporting in seconds
  • Automatic workflows for every member state
  • Reminders for reporting deadlines and reviewing ongoing transactions
  • Customisable dashboard makes it easier for administrators to stay on top of deadlines
  • Customisable workflow to easily collect all pertinent data
  • Built to allow non-legal entities to manage any workflow

Why VinciWorks?

VinciWorks has 15 years of proven experience developing compliance tools. Using a collaborative approach, VinciWorks has consulted with tax experts across Europe, including HMRC, and brought together over 100 leading international law and accounting firms to develop best-practice for DAC6. The result is a reporting solution that has already been implemented by seven of the top-10 UK law firms. Additionally, we continue to provided free resources such as webinars, core group meetings, guides and blogs.

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