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SRA Accounts Rules


SRA Accounts Rules: A Practical Overview

The SRA Accounts Rules form a cornerstone of the SRA’s Outcomes-Focused Regulations. Rule 4 states that all staff at a law firm are “directly subject to the rules". The consequences of non-compliance can be significant for the firm and the individual. Breaches are likely to bring the firm’s name into disrepute and result in major losses.

Topics covered

  • Client money vs office money
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Handling mixed money
  • Earmarking
  • Residual balances
  • Breaches and consequences

The facts

  • Who: Fee earners/support staff
  • What: Quick refresher on key accounts rules and definitions
  • When: We recommend every 18-24 months
  • Duration: 30 minutes (0.5 CPD)
  • Customisation: 2 pages

Bonus content

As a companion to the SRA Accounts Rules Course, VinciWorks has published a short compliance guide covering the hot topics, key definitions and best practice.

This quick reference is a great everyday refresher and an easy way to double check an issue. All of the pages are individual, print-ready posters.

Topics covered:

  • Mission briefing
  • Critical terms
  • Whose money is it?
  • Client money checklist
  • Matter completion

Download free guide

What our users are saying

“I gained insight into client/office monies especially how to ascertain where the money should go”

Holman Fenwick & Willan user

“The questions gave me a chance to try and apply the knowledge”

Forbes user

“It was broken up into easy to read clear sections, and feedback was constructive”

Geldards user


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