Risk Assessments Webinar – On-demand

As part of our commitment to continual improvement and investment in our eLearning solutions, we’re excited to announce that our latest version of the Astute eLearning platform is now available.

This on-demand webinar runs through the key features in the update.

The latest release includes our new and improved Risk Assessment Version 3 tool, which allows you to develop risk assessments that enable users to manage low-level issues and escalate high-level concerns directly to administrators:

  • Empower your people to identify and resolve concerns.
  • Place accountability on your people to raise concerns.
  • Quickly identify and prioritise high risks and monitor trends.
  • Maintain a good risk radar across your organisation with people risk assessments. Spot risk early and take action quickly.
  • Streamline your risk resolution process to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our risk assessment version 3 tool allows you to easily create fully customisable risk assessment templates that reflect specific examples and requirements for your workplace:

  • Report on all aspects of risk, including risk levels, trends and overall progress.
  • Automatically enrol users on essential risk assessments based on their job role, department, location, etc.

Watch the on-demand webinar today and learn all about our new Risk Assessments tool.

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