Wednesday 29th May 12pm UK

Compliance in higher and further education institutions is a complicated endeavour. From harassment to AI to plagiarism, ensuring you have the right training and policies in place has never been more important.

In this free webinar from compliance experts VinciWorks, we will review the key things your HE/FE institution should have in place and hear from our experts about making compliance more than tick box. We’ll discuss vital training programmes for staff and students, including health and safety, consent and bias, and how to implement effective e-learning policies.

We’ll also consider software solutions for education, including how to meet duty of care, whistleblowing and GDPR regulatory requirements with cost-effective software.

Join us on Wednesday, 29 May at 12pm UK time for your comprehensive solution to HE/FE compliance in a one-hour webinar.

This webinar will cover:

  • Key training packages for higher and further education institutions
  • New priorities in e-learning such as AI and plagiarism
  • Software solutions for education regulations
  • Supporting staff and students with online learning
  • Questions and answers from our HE/FE compliance experts

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