InsideOut mental health awards badge

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards evening was postponed and the winner of the award will now be announced in September 2020.

VinciWorks’ new mental health course has been shortlisted for this year’s InsideOut award in the Best Use of Technology category. Future of Works Insights is organising the awards. The organisation provides global insight, intelligence and the latest trends in corporate wellness from around the world through white papers, reports, research, webinars, case studies and more.

What are the InsideOut awards?

On 26 March 2020 in London, Future of Work Insights will host the inaugural InsideOut Mental Health Awards, celebrating our mental health and those organisations and individuals who champion it. The evening itself will be very different to any other awards ceremony and will provide a unique experience of celebration, networking, entertainment and dancing with the industry’s finest. You can purchase tickets to attend the event here. VinciWorks will be competing with Santander and the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Trust Foundation in the Best Use of Technology category.

What is special about our new mental health training?

We have developed an innovative, interactive and entirely online mental health at work awareness course. Many businesses want to do training on mental health; to make it part of the induction process or roll it out to tens of thousands of employees in multiple sites. The problem is that the vast majority of mental health training solutions require onsite, day-long, classroom based external sessions which are a significant time and cost investment that often only the largest or most progessive companies can afford.

The growth of mental health first aiders has greatly expanded the number of workers who have contact with a trained professional, but this still does not solve the problem of how to get everyone in a company to understand the key issues and aspects of mental health.

Online training for compliance has been used to great effect for many years, and VinciWorks has been at the forefront of e-learning in the fields of anti-money laundering, GDPR, anti-bribery, sexual harassment and other compliance topics.

We believe mental health is as much of a compliance topic as any other subject our clients train on. We want to treat it as such, and in the same way that businesses roll out data protection or health and safety awareness courses and refresher courses on their Learning Management Systems, we’ve enabled mental health training to reach the masses.

What’s in the mental health course?

Our 20 minute e-learning course, Mental Health: Wellbeing at Work, takes users on an interactive journey to understand the basics and the law, how to take care of yourself, how to take care of others, spotting signs and symptoms, a module for managers and a customisable section on what other initiatives, policies and procedures the business wants to highlight.

We’ve used our reporting portal, Omnitrack, to offer up to 5 pre-built assessments that can be rolled out across an entire workforce. These include a personal stress risk assessment and work/life balance assessments that enable HR teams to identify individuals and teams at risk of stress, even before specific symptoms develop. HR teams and management teams can use that information to develop team-specific stress reduction action plans, such as providing extra resources to overstretched teams, reminding specific users of mental health procedures the company has in place, or simply taking extra time to ask how people are feeling.

Changing business’ views on mental health

Stress at work self-assessment
Our online mental health course includes an interactive self-assessment for users to take, with instant feedback

To change the culture on mental health, it cannot be seen as a parochial, specialised subject. It must be integrated into the compliance and training life of the company. By providing a succinct, useful, practical and interactive e-learning course on mental health, we are hopefully making a contribution to seeing mental health as a compliance topic along the lines of equality, diversity, data protection or health and safety. Neither mental health nor mental health training should have a stigma attached. To change the conversation, we need to make it part and parcel of compliance, which is why we’ve introduced this new and innovative mental health compliance course for all staff.

To receive more information on our new mental health course, you can contact us by completing the short form below.