VinciWorks launches Compliance Officer’s Guide to Code of Conduct Training

Code of conduct training: The challenge

Ultimately, the goal of any code of conduct is the same: to communicate to our people the sort of behaviours that we expect of our employees, that will uphold our values and help our culture thrive. 

But code of conduct training has always been one of the most difficult topics to get right. Off-the-shelf code of conduct training rarely encapsulates the nuances of each individual code of conduct, and write-your-own solutions are cumbersome and time consuming.

That’s why VinciWorks has developed an all-in-one code of conduct training solution that introduces customisation-as-standard so you can create, customise and build relevant code of conduct training for your organisation with a few simple clicks. The course can be fully integrated with our annual declaration compliance solution.

Code of Conduct training
VinciWorks’ new code of conduct course allows admins to seamlessly build an entire course from scratch

Download our guide to code of conduct training

Our new guide dives deeply into issues of compliance that compliance and ethics officers frequently face. The guide addresses issues such as:

  • Diagnosing the problem: why don’t people raise compliance issues
  • Learning from the past: what can we learn from GDPR training about compliance training in general, and Code of Conduct training in particular?
  • Thinking through the issues: What is the compliance officer’s role?
  • Moving towards a solution: how do we create training with a measurable impact?
  • Scenario based learning: what it is and why it works in compliance training

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