VinciWorks enters SRA consultancy space

We are excited to announce that Compliance Office, the leading SRA consultancy firm, has been acquired by Marlowe plc and will continue to grow in partnership with VinciWorks. Founded by Andy Donovan, a former SRA legal policy advisor, Compliance Office’s team of consultants draw on years of experience and a proprietary set of tools and templates to help law firms with all of their compliance needs. The merger will enable VinciWorks to broaden its services from compliance training and software into consultancy services as well.

What does this mean for VinciWorks customers?

The addition of a consultancy arm will accelerate the development of VinciWorks’ AML client onboarding solution. It will enable VinciWorks to provide an end-to-end anti-money laundering package that includes a CDD client onboarding tool, AML training and compliance consulting into a single solution. 

Further, the acquisition will allow us to provide an enhanced offering to SRA-regulated firms, adding SRA consultancy services to our existing SRA reporting and training solutions.

VinciWorks CEO Josh Goodhardt:

“With both VinciWorks and Compliance Office already serving a great section of the UK legal sector, this partnership will allow both companies to complement each other perfectly. I personally look forward to working with Andy to integrate our offerings and be able to provide an all-in-one service to our clients.”

Andy Donovan:

“Joining forces with VinciWorks was a natural next step. The ability to collaborate on new technology solutions that pair our legal expertise with VinciWorks’ technology will create tremendous value for law firms.”

Why Compliance Office?

Expertise and excellence

Compliance Office’s consultants are either former lawyers or SRA staff with years of experience and genuine expertise in their respective areas. They only accept a project if they can deliver excellence for their clients.

Solving your problems

Compliance office thrives on working side by side with their clients and stepping into their shoes to find the most practical solution to their challenges. Whether it is project managing your law firm application, partnering up to outsource your COLP support, conducting health checks or AML audits or re-writing procedures, the team get a kick out of simplifying the solution.

Saving time and money

With access to a comprehensive suite of risk and compliance templates, e-learning and apps, Compliance Office can make incredibly rapid progress on otherwise time-consuming costly projects. They have worked with hundreds of law firms and their testimonials, client retention and client referral rates speak for themselves.

The Compliance Office offering

Compliance Office’s team of experts have helped hundreds of lawyers and law firms with:

  • Independent Anti-Money Laundering audits
  • SRA Compliance Health Checks
  • Outsourced SRA & AML compliance support
  • Outsourced SRA applications

Get in touch if you would like to learn more.