Diversity webinar

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and businesses begin to return to the office, companies are taking a variety of approaches to managing the transition. While some are staying at home for now and others have gone back full time, most are opting for a hybrid working policy. But many people are anxious, or at least conflicted, about returning to in-person work, with these worries likely to be exacerbated for those requiring reasonable adjustments.

During our webinar, we delve into the challenges faced by disabled staff during the pandemic, and the impacts on inclusion in changing workplace practices. We will also discuss how to ensure reasonable adjustments are made for disabled staff, and how to ensure all staff feel included in return-to-office policies.

We were joined by disability and reasonable adjustment experts:

  • Daniel Holt, Founding Chair of the Association of Disabled Lawyers
  • Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP, first permanent wheelchair user elected to the Scottish Parliament

The webinar covered:

  • What are reasonable adjustments?
  • How to make workplaces more accessible
  • Reasonable adjustments and the law in a pandemic
  • Best-practice guidance for return to the office policies
  • What does effective inclusion training look like?

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VinciWorks to release revolutionary diversity training suite

Diversity training

VinciWorks will soon be releasing an all-new diversity training suite that provides first-person accounts on a wide range of issues which face every workplace. Users will learn facts about discrimination, understand workplace policies on equality, learn how to promote inclusion at work, and be asked to consider what they would do if confronted by those issues in the workplace. Theory will become practice via interactive scenarios, activities and test questions in the relevant diversity and inclusion topics covered.

Composed of different modules, this suite will provide learners with a strong and solid framework from which they contribute to a harmonious and diverse company culture while working better together as a team.

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