The SRA law firm diversity survey – What you need to know

All Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulated firms have an obligation to collect, report and publish data about the diversity make-up of their workforce every two years, and the next collection date is this year.

What is the source of the reporting requirement?

The SRA Code of Conduct for Firms in SRA Principle 6 states that a firm must “act in a way that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion”. The SRA believes that monitoring the diversity of people working in your firm will help you assess whether your firm is diverse and whether you could do more to encourage equality, diversity and inclusion. 

When is the next reporting deadline?

The SRA will be asking you to report your data to them in late summer 2021. This means that firms should already be collecting data.

What information needs to be collected?

  • Employee role
  • Age
  • Employee sex and the gender they identify with
  • Information on any health issues or disabilities
  • Ethnicity and religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Education and background
  • Childcare responsibilities

Which employees should information be collected from?

Everyone working at your firm is covered by the firm diversity data collection, not just solicitors. You should include:

  • Full-time and part-time employees
  • Employees on maternity leave or on long term sick leave (if they are able to respond)
  • Temporary employees, those on a secondment contract, consultants or other contracted staff working with you for three months or longer.

How and where should firms publish their diversity data?

In addition to sending your diversity data to the SRA, firms should also publish a summary of their diversity data, as long as it complies with data protection legislation. Your diversity data should be made available to your staff and externally. Most firms will choose to publish on their website, but you can use alternative or additional publication methods such as a poster in your office reception area and/or meeting rooms or an article in your internal or external newsletter/bulletin.

How can Omnitrack help?

SRA diversity survey - Screenshot dashboard
With Omnitrack, you can create graphical reports in seconds, allowing you to easily understand your data in one centralised platform

With Omnitrack, it’s easy to collect, analyse, report and publish your diversity data.


Built on best practice – The Omnitrack form is based on the SRA’s 2021 updated diversity questionnaire, including the changes relating to socio-economic background, ethnicity, sex and gender identity.

100% customisable – Should your firm wish to collect additional information, these can be added to the best practice form with ease.

Track status of collections – The graphical dashboard provides an overview of the collection status. The dashboard can also be used to generate reports or identify missing information.

Data Export – You can easily set up reports, share them, and export them. The reports are able to be displayed in a range of formats with no limit on how many you create and save, making reporting to the SRA a seamless activity.

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