Code of Conduct: The Challenge

A strong code of conduct is vital for employees to know what is expected of them. A successful code of conduct that is followed by all employees, from leadership to management to each and every worker is an important part of building an ethical, inclusive culture at work.

But an organisation seeking to formulate a successful code of conduct or update an outdated one may quickly run into difficulties. Off-the-shelf training rarely encapsulates the nuances of each individual organisation’s policies and procedures, and write-your-own solutions are cumbersome and time-consuming.

The solution: Not your parents’ training

Whether your code of conduct is sitting on an intranet in dire need of an update or is a flashy handbook consisting of only a few pages, VinciWorks’ code of conduct training solution can help.

VinciWorks’ code of conduct training solution

We’ve developed an all-in-one code of conduct training solution that introduces customisation-as-standard so you can create, customise and build relevant code of conduct training for your organisation with a few simple clicks.

The course is a build-your-own, fully customisable solution that enables organisations to turn their hefty documents instantly into a free-flowing, bespoke and interactive tool. The course takes a deep but thoroughly engaging approach to values training, covering every possible topic from discrimination, sexual harassment and diversity to fair competition, bribery to cyber security, health and safety, modern slavery, and many more.

Build your course now

How does this code of conduct course work?

The course describes the topic, explains what it means in practice, builds comprehension with relevant scenarios, then reinforces learning with feedback and customisable content.

Sounds good! But how can we really make it ‘ours’?

The course features an easy to follow scroll layout with interactivity built into every step of the way to help guarantee understanding and internalisation of the material learnt. Administrators can build out every aspect of the course. This begins with choosing which compliance topics to cover in the training but extends further than that. Decide everything from course colours and branding to the course duration. These customisations can be implemented in minutes.

1. Choose your own branding

Code of conduct colour picker

Adding key personal touches can go even further to help with smooth integration. You can add custom branding to give the training a look-and-feel that’s consistent with your organization’s theme. Add your logo, edit the colour pallet and include your organisation’s name in the course title.

2. Turn sections on or off

Code of Conduct course screenshot

The course covers over 20 topics in a wide range of compliance and ethics areas, from discrimination, sexual harassment and diversity to fair competition, bribery and money laundering. The easy to use builder allows administrators and managers to turn sections on or off to fit in with each organisation’s code of conduct, with a simple click of a button.

3. Insert contact details and links to internal policies and procedures

Course administrators can personalise the course to make it the most useful and effective for learners by adding contact information for relevant contact people as well as links to your organisation’s own internal policies. For example, add details on how to report non-compliance, links to your whistleblowing channels and your organisation’s DPO for GDPR. You can also add a custom module that covers internal procedures.

4. Add customised text to reflect your own priorities

Code of conduct editing text function

How do you ensure your code of conduct rules are understood and followed, and breaches reported? The right phrasing can be vital in order to get the message across most effectively to a specific audience. Craft your own customised text to help communicate the sorts of behaviours that you expect of your employees in order to uphold your values and help your organisation’s culture thrive. You might want to change the intro text of the course, rewrite some of the scenarios to be more tailored to your staff’s learning needs, or alter the language of the course to be in line with language sensitivities.

5. Translations into multiple languages

Translations are available in order to make the course available for users all around the world. The course will automatically be displayed in each user’s default language and each learner can change between available languages with a simple click of a button.

6. Track understanding with Omnitrack

Our course gives you the ability to integrate annual declarations management into each unit. The feature is your chance to get all your policies in front of your staff in an engaging way, while also getting their confirmation that they adhere to each policy.

With our integrated solution you can:

  • Link to the relevant policy at the end of each unit
  • Include short surveys, such as asking whether the user is aware of a breach related to the topic of the unit
  • Ensure each user commits to upholding each relevant policy
  • View responses via the Omnitrack dashboard

Code of conduct training – the result

A personally tailored course that gives your organisation its best shot at successful implementation of its code of conduct, leading to a truly ethical, inclusive culture at work and an organisation that adheres to high standards of ethics and business morals in all its operations and relations.