On-demand learning management system webinar

Screenshot of new Learning Management dashboard

VinciWorks recently hosted a webinar taking attendees through the new learning management system, including which features will be added when we update from LMS 5 to LMS 6. You can watch the full webinar, as well as access the slides and helpful resources, below.

Watch webinar

Some of the features that will be included in LMS 6

HR Integration

Joiners automatically enrol in onboarding courses, leavers are automatically deactivated and any personal details remain in sync.

Fully automated

Users are automatically enrolled in the courses to maintain compliance. Nagware automates following up with non-compliant users.

Customise everything

Have you ever used an online service that sends emails you can’t control? In the LMS you have
control over content and branding.

Audit trail and Reporting

Issue instant, robust reports on training progress to the board, or provide compliance documentation to a regulatory body.

Easy setup and operation

The LMS includes only the features you need. Most firms are up and running in less than a month. Administrators receive one-on-one training.

Learning cards

Learning Management System learning cards

Learning cards make it easier for users to view specific tasks.


Stop chasing users. Automatically nags individuals with escalating warnings until they complete their mandatory requirements.