Omnitrack version 2.8.0

Submission timeline

  • We have created a great looking submission timeline which will allow admins to keep track of where they are in the reporting process for each submission. The timeline is easily digested and gives the user a good overview of past and upcoming events.
  • See how it works

Reminders Phase 2

  • We’ve made some substantial improvements to our reminders page, which include:
    • Auto saving reminders – each action you take is automatically saved just like with form builder.
    • Design change – We’ve moved to a flat structure instead of the expanding cards. 
    • Email template per reminder – you can now save an email template per reminder you create as opposed to one template for all the reminders.
    • Ability to remind around the last updated date – you can create a reminder that says ‘Remind submitter to review a submission 10 days after it was last updated’. 
    • Ability to delete reminders

Form performance

  • Not something you can see but know that filling out a form should be a much smoother experience for end-users now.