Omnitrack version 2.7.0

Reporting Integrations 

  • As we wait for the various EU countries to publish their reporting schemas, we have taken the first step towards automated reporting to regulators from Omnitrack. Admins can now set up basic integrations which will map Omnitrack submissions to a reporting schema and transform that into XML format (which we’ve understood will be the reporting format required by HMRC and others.)
  • As schemas are published, we will be providing out-of-the-box integrations with our default DAC6 workflow.
  • Watch a video demo.

Share form for end-users

  • Lawyers and others filling out forms as an end-user can now collaborate with other people involved by sharing the form link with them. Simply click the ‘Share’ button and forward the link to other users.
  • See how it works.

Changed the name of a menu option

New field type on forms

  • We’ve added a new field type called ‘Instructional text’. Admins can now add a read-only block of text to their form workflow. This is especially useful for breaking up workflows in DAC6.
  • See how it works.